Think of two automation projects. One is limited in scope and must be done quickly. It will cost $5,000 to $10,000.

The other—engineering, implementing and testing all the control systems for a regulated manufacturing facility—will take much longer and cost $3 to $5 million.

These seem like very different projects. The reality? Preventing small initiatives from turning into big headaches and large projects from collapsing under their own chaos requires the same skills and methods.

No matter the project size or expected complexity, you want:

  • A good project plan
  • Everyone involved to know what's going on and what they need to do
  • Problems to be handled and not hidden
  • Communications to be systematic without cracks, like e-mail, through which important messages and tasks might disappear
  • Good documentation
  • The project completed on time and within budget
  • Results that matter

Self-proclaimed brilliance and promises won’t get the job done. Whether you are trying to cost-effectively deliver a small job or keep multiple mega-projects on track, you need a proven approach to project management.

Leverage your investment in automation providers

The founders of RoviSys previously managed large control system development. When they opened the doors in 1989, they knew prospects were unlikely to give big contracts to a startup. They developed procedures for effectively managing a variety of small automation and development projects.

Today, we continue to gladly accept and complete $5,000 to $10,000 jobs. We are also delivering multi-million dollar multi-year projects. We use the same methodology and, since the mid-nineties, the same project management and collaboration system, for both. Without it, we would not be one of the largest independent comprehensive process automation providers in North America.

Why might this matter to you? Because our combination of technical automation knowledge, diverse resources and project execution consistency enables you to leverage your relationship with us to achieve more results that matter.

How your leverage can work for you

We know how to deliver focused projects without getting off track. But even for the most modest project, we still offer:

  • 2,500 projects of automation experience, which enables us to recommend more cost-effective and capable solutions when available
  • A commitment to deliver your work on time and within budget
  • The resources to handle any challenges that might arise
  • A proven project management and collaboration methodology and system

Whenever you bring a new vendor into your facility, you invest in teaching them about your business. Our project management system—called GrandView—retains project history. This allows everyone assigned to your work, even approved outside vendors and your staff, to get up to speed quickly on current and past initiatives. (Learn more about now commercially available GrandView’s complete capabilities.)

Proven project management is the difference

We’re human. We're not perfect. This is one reason why we’ve made a major investment in methodology and systems to better serve you. Projects fail because of lack of communication and documentation. Projects succeed with communication, openness, individual responsibility and initiative.

Our technical automation experience and expertise matters. Yet we know that to reach our goal of being a long term process automation partner for our clients, we have to be able to consistently deliver results that matter.

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