Industry Affiliation

Although we rigorously maintain vendor and technology independence, we have close working relationships with key component and systems providers-as well as advanced expertise in creating solutions using their technologies. We are Authorized System Integrators, Solution Partners, Value Added Partners, System Houses, and Application Specialists for virtually every major automation platform, control system, human interface, and information management solution available in the I&C marketplace. We have collected all the plaques, certificates, agreements, and other badges of honor to further endorse our expert application know how.

We don't display our awards very prominently anymore. We have gravitated to art and photographs in our office; to provide intellectual diversity. However, we are proud to display our affiliation with the Control and Information System Integrators Association. RoviSys was a founding member of the Control and Information System Integrators Association. We held an Executive Council seat for the first five years of the the association's existence. In 2000 RoviSys became a Registered Member, after passing an independent audit of project methods and business practices. In 2005, 2008, and again in 2011, our registration was renewed based on more in depth audits, expanded to cover advanced competencies.

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