Food processing automation engineering and integration

Is your objective to improve food processing capabilities and efficiencies without getting locked in by technology platform limitations? As you wrestle with rapid product changeovers and rising production costs, do you want practical solutions that can be implemented your way? One of the largest independent process automation integrators in North America, The RoviSys Company provides comprehensive and standards-based control and information integration solutions to food and beverage process control.

RoviSys is for plant operators who want to lower production costs while improving results, flexibility and supportability. As an automation and information solutions provider, we specify and implement the systems that best meet each client’s requirements for open standards compliance and integratability.

The benefits of size and independence

Having completed more than 3,000 projects, our more than 450 engineers and product developers work extensively with many automation technologies. Their commitment is only to the technology or combination of technologies that will produce the most meaningful results for you.

This enables you to select and integrate best-in-class processing solutions throughout your plant. You can proceed in the phases and at the pace you prefer. And you can specify systems that are readily supportable in-house, through us or however you prefer.

Regulated and validated industry experience

With a number of GAMP-trained engineers and significant experience in validated and regulated environments, RoviSys staff knows how to help you meet requirements and keep your process safe and clean.

RoviSys can also help you comply with the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. Our engineers can design and implement integrated product tracking, tracing and audit systems that mesh with your current procedures. And do it cost effectively by making documentation part of the design process instead of a separate activity.

Project control and reporting

In addition to a strong suite food automation services, RoviSys uses the proven GrandView project management system to keep jobs on track and you up to date: through secure web access, you can view status on all your projects at any time.

The sum benefit? With RoviSys, you gain more control over processing automation implementation with less risk.

Design, engineering, implementation and support for:

  • Controls system integration
  • S88 batch control
  • Manufacturing control best practices - S95 and more
  • Legacy system migration
  • Product tracking, genealogy and audit trail
  • MES - plant to business and plant to customer
  • Industrial energy efficiency engineering
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