rCAAM process control loop monitoring and assessment with engineering support

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rCAAM identifies process performance issues by tracking and reporting control loop problems. It extracts data from PI System and is the official successor to OSIsoft’s Control Monitor (PI-CM), which is no longer available.

rCAAM (RoviSys Control Assessment and Monitoring) monitors key control loop attributes, such as process variable, control output, time-on-control and controller mode. Features include calculation of statistics you can use to identify poorly performing control loops as well as stability, valve and instrumentation problems.

Identify and correct control loop issues

rCAAM helps you mine value from PI data that is often overlooked. By assessing loop parameters over time, rCAAM identifies control and process problems such as loop instability, poorly tuned loops, valve stiction and process design problems. Correcting these issues can result in substantial savings to the plant.

rCAAM enables early detection of worn valves, bad linkages and similar problems. It can help you determine the cause of known quality and throughput variations as well as to find previously undetected issues.

For loop stability issues, it can help you see where overcompensation is prolonging batch times and costing you money with alternating heating and cooling or competing reagents for example. You can also analyze differences in performance among shifts and other intervals and factors.

rCAAM: simple to configure and run

rCAAM uses templates to identify all control loops in a PI System database and then to access tags for monitoring and analysis. Statistics are calculated and reports automatically generated on a daily or shift schedule. Calculated statistics can be retained in PI System for future analysis and comparisons.

rCAAM operates on PI data directly. It provides individual loop analysis results in ProcessBook graphics and standard rCAAM reports. These can be printed or emailed to key personnel.

OSIsoft rCAAM webinar

View the recorded OSIsoft Webinar "rCAAM from RoviSys: The Successor to Control Monitor - A Partner Spotlight".

Configuration and analysis support

rCAAM’s annual maintenance fee includes setup and analysis assistance. We can help you sort through rCAAM data to identify and correct those issues which will lead to the greatest improvement in key performance indicators (KPIs). This includes recommendations to improve control loop performance and to get more from OSIsoft PI® System.

RoviSys OSIsoft PI® System services

RoviSys is a certified OSIsoft Independent Software Vendor, Consulting Partner and System Integrator.

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