RoviSys Project Services Overview

RoviSys is a process automation solutions provider with the proven ability to integrate a wide range of requirements, capabilities and technologies to deliver the functionality your project requires. Whether you want to quickly complete a single-discipline project or roll out an enterprise-wide automation, development, integration or validation program, the people of RoviSys can help you get it done right. How? By bringing to initiatives large and small:

  • Expertise in key automation skills and disciplines
  • Implementation resources to rival even the largest technology vendors
  • Deep experience in applying leading technologies in many industries
  • A proprietary results-focused project management and collaboration system that delivers projects on time and budget while keeping you fully informed on progress and problems

The independence, skills and resources to engineer the best available solutions

You want cost-effective capabilities and possibilities. As a large and independent process automation provider, we have unparalleled freedom to engineer the best available solutions that meet your needs.

With more than 220 people working in a number of project teams, we can quickly apply resources and skills in a variety of disciplines to a given project.

But we do more than create, implement and support vendor and technology independent outcomes. We also routinely adapt new technologies and devise new solutions—so you can overcome challenges, seize opportunities and enjoy the power of freedom.

The power of proven experience

  • More than 3,000 projects for 300 clients in glass, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, refining, power and other industries.
  • Significant staff experience in automation engineering, controls, integration, product development and manufacturing.
  • Provider of critical services and systems for projects totaling billions of dollars in client investment, including individual projects of more than 10,000 hours.

The power to improve your process

To achieve target after project target, you need good tools. We use GrandView, a RoviSys-developed project management and collaboration system. With GrandView, we stay on top of all the details—and you stay up to date on all your RoviSys projects all the time.

Why bother? Because success comes when you’ve reached your goals. As long as your objectives stretch categories and boundaries, we’ll expand our capabilities to blend teamwork, resources, vision and independence—to provide you with the power to improve your process.

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