Legacy control system extension, migration and replacement case histories

RoviSys has extensive experience in ABB Bailey™ legacy distributed control systems. A number of RoviSys employees were previously employed at Bailey™ Controls, some directly involved in the design and development of flagship legacy distributed controls, consoles and software tools. Others served as system engineers and have extensive experience in the implementation of Network 90 and Infi 90™ systems.

RoviSys also has extensive experience in the replacement of the legacy distributed control system with a number of contemporary solutions. In addition to those listed here, previous projects include migrations from legacy systems to PLC5, L&N Max1 to PLC5, CRISP to PLC5, Bailey Infi90™ to Emerson DeltaV™, single loop controllers to PLC5 and pneumatic controls to distributed control system and PLC.

As an independent company, we are technology neutral: We recommend the solution that works best for you, not for us or any vendor. These solutions are open, documented and supportable. Whatever your legacy system extension or migration goal, if you want a conversions partner who has deep experienced in legacy and modern controls, is committed to providing open and supportable solutions and is independent and resourceful, consider RoviSys.

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