We're excited to be a sponsor of ISPE Casa Life Sciences Technology Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC. The one-day conference is on March 14, 2017. If you're there, make a point of stopping by Booth 20! A few reasons we think you should...



Reason #1: You Won't Have to Raise Your Hand to Talk Everyone has learned a thing or two from a lecture or speaker session. But it's better to have a conversation with a real person. Face to face. At Booth 20, our experts are available and excited to chat with you about innovative technology and industry best practices that meet the growing complexities of drug manufacturing automation.


Reason #2: Topics You Actually Care About Booth 20 will be filled with with experienced solution architects who have a comprehensive understanding of the real questions that organizations are dealing with every day. - Data Analytics and Visualization - Production and Equipment Efficiency - Fully Integrated Architecture - Obsolescence Management


Reason #3: Solutions You Can Depend On There are parts of your process that you worry about. At Booth 20 you can talk with members of our engineering teams about solutions that reduce the worry. Our experienced engineers, project managers, and advisors are eager to find the right solutions. True solutions with measurable results and clear ROI.