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OPC UA for OpenVMS®

Native OpenVMS OPC UA interface

RoviSys is proud to offer the first and the only native OpenVMS OPC UA interface.

OPC UA is useful in applications where your OpenVMS system serves as a data source to other systems (graphics, historians, Level 1, ERP, etc.) or receives data from other systems (PLC or DCS). Using the independent Unified Architecture (UA) standard recently introduced by the OPC Foundation, RoviSys is able to offer full OPC UA Client and OPC UA Server interfaces for your OpenVMS system. OPC UA for OpenVMS connects effortlessly with any other OPC UA interface on any operating system, from field instrumentation to Level 1 systems to higher level systems such as MES and ERP.




Your OpenVMS system on the plant or shop floor can now be interfaced to your board room or many other locations throughout your facility.

  • OPC UA Client-The Client can be integrated into any existing architecture for applications where your OpenVMS system needs to gather data from an OPC source (PLC, DCS, etc.). Integration is via a library of API calls that can be integrated into your code to replace your old communication interface.
  • OPC UA Server-The Server can be integrated into any existing architecture. It turns your OpenVMS system into a data source for other systems (graphics, historians, Level 1, ERP, etc.). The Server is integrated via a library of API calls. It is customized to a user’s specific application to allow simple and complex data to be accessed. Once your data is connected to the Server, the Server will take care of sending it in the appropriate format and at the proper rate to any OPC UA Client needing the data.
  • OPC UA Client and Server-Both the OPC UA Client and Server can be installed on your system and work together as needed where your system serves as both a data source and a data sink.



Feature Client Server
Data Points 30,000 320,000
Configurable Data Types Digital, Byte, Integer, Floating Point, String and Custom. A maximum of 25 custom data types can be defined. Each custom data type is limited to 20 fields.
Maximum Instances per System 16 8
Servers Accessable by Single Client 8 N/A

System Requirements


Hardware OpenVMS Version

Alpha® / Integrity®

NOTE: Older systems (Alpha and VAX) can be connected to OPC UA for OpenVMS via a separate product, OPC UA-Connector for OpenVMS.