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Supporting Projects and Clients Worldwide

To implement projects and support clients, RoviSys has been deploying professionals and teams to many regions of the world since our founding in 1989. We continue to add regional engineering staff, support staff, and facilities to improve response times and customer satisfaction.

Have a question? Unsure where to begin to discuss the expertise and resources required for your next project? Contact one of our experienced engineers by phone or email.


RoviSys Locations

North American Contacts

Dick Ciammaichella

Aurora, OH

Director Business Development

North America

Chris Otto

Holly Springs, NC

Vice President - Southeast Region

Craig Lechene

Holly Springs, NC

Managing Partner Business Development

RoviSys Building Technologies

Derek Drayer

Aurora, OH

Managing Partner Operations

RoviSys Building Technologies

Graham Staples

Holly Springs, NC

Managing Partner

RoviSys Federal Solutions

Chris Phillips

Southborough, MA

Joe Rose

Houston, TX

Mark Csernyik

Portage, MI

Adam Kelly

Thousand Oaks, CA

Bryan Botirus

San Diego, CA

Edgar Rivera Hernandez

Atlanta, GA

Matt Mikolajczak

Chicago, IL

Adam Barhorst, P.E.

Dayton, OH

Global Contacts

Kok Yeong Lee

Asia Pacific

Director, APAC Business Development

Ty Rinholm


Regional Director

Liam Jones


Business Development

Human Resources

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