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Glass Automation

Glass manufacturers face various, unique challenges. The demand for systems that are reliable, durable, supportable, and upgradable is critical. At RoviSys, we're committed to glass automation and digitalization solutions that are cost-effective and vendor independent.

Our partnerships grow through mutual respect and a commitment to projects with clear scope definition and long term return on investment. Getting the most out of your plant is possible with maintenance and modernization solutions that bridge the gap between concept and production, and achieve operational readiness.

RoviSys Provides:

  • Experience. Completed projects for clients in all industry sectors
  • Global project execution
  • Proven, collaborative project management
  • Control System Upgrades & Replacements
  • Existing System Optimization
  • Hot Cut-Overs/Cold Tank repair
  • Controller Upgrades - SCADA, HMI, PLC, processors
  • Extensive control systems knowledge - modern and and legacy
  • Plant information systems design and implementation
  • Connection of plant floor to information and business systems
  • Industrial energy assessments and controls
  • Vendor independent solutions
  • Control system recommendations
  • Control system design, implementation and support
    • Gas Oxy, Regenerative, and Electric melter controls
    • Lehr and Forehearth controls
    • Batch House control systems
    • Hot End drives
    • Cold End controls
  • Advanced Control

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