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Co-op Program & Opportunities

Student Success

A co-op or internship is an important step in engineering education, and an opportunity to launch a rewarding career. That’s why our recruiting teams are on campus and connecting virtually with top-performing students. Visit our booth at Career Fairs and Career Recruiting events, or attend an information session where you will have the opportunity to learn more about our company, our customers, and day-to-day experiences and expectations at RoviSys.

Co-ops and interns are valuable additions to our team and we recognize their creativity and inventive ideas. Furthermore, we realize the importance of selecting and cultivating talent for future employment. We are dedicated to your growth, development and success as a young professional. Co-ops and Interns work with RoviSys Engineers on real projects and help provide solutions for our Customers.

We proudly offer diverse and interesting experiences for students working toward degrees in engineering or computer science. Participants have opportunities to assemble control systems, test systems and instrumentation, design new hardware and software, or write programs in modern or legacy programming languages that solve a variety of real world problems. Returning students are given the opportunity to choose a track in Software Development, Control Systems Integration, or Hardware Development in preparation for permanent assignment.


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Your Future Begins Here!

At RoviSys and RoviSys Building Technologies a co-op or internship is much more than a job. It’s an opportunity to launch a career. That’s why you’ll find us on campus (and virtually) looking for top-performing students to join us for co-op and internship opportunities.

We consider our co-ops and interns as valuable additions to our team, and recognize their creativity and inventive ideas. Furthermore, we realize the importance of selecting and cultivating talent for future employment. RoviSys and RoviSys Building Technologies are dedicated to your growth, development and success as a young professional.


I was able to travel over the summer to work on-site on a project supporting a customer who was developing vaccines. The experience helped me immensely.

I helped with verification testing, coding, and general troubleshooting for other contractors working there.

I became GDP certified and worked with equipment in order to test and verify its functionality.

Everyone at RoviSys was more than willing to help answer my questions and teach me new things whenever the opportunity arose.

Kyle P., University of Akron

I had the opportunity to work hands on with a nutrition based project at an off-site location. It increased my awareness of both the electrical engineering and the process engineering that goes on behind the scenes at different plants. Additionally, it made me a more well-rounded engineer, and expanded my knowledge base astronomically.

Chris, Rochester Institute of Technology

My time co-oping at RBT was spent helping commission an EPMS system at a new data center build. This experience has impacted me and made grow in several ways, including: personal growth from spending time away from home as I had the opportunity to travel to and stay on site, professional growth from working closely with the various engineers and technicians working on-site, and gaining general knowledge of Control Systems.

Some skills I gained from this experience were basic networking knowledge, troubleshooting skills and communication skills.

What I enjoyed most about RBT is the company culture, I felt as though my co-workers and supervisors genuinely cared about my learning experience and I felt welcome my first day in the office.

Jack K., University of Akron

My Co-op experience at RoviSys was very eye-opening and maturing.  I was given the opportunity to travel onsite for two weeks and experience how my work was implemented into a project.  I was able to apply my knowledge to real world projects and tasks. 

I loved the work culture and environment throughout the company.  I am so grateful for the opportunities and experience throughout my co-op from RoviSys.”

Andrew R., Youngstown State University

My Co-op experience at RoviSys included creating operator graphics (HMI), logic to control a facility (PLC), and engineering the electrical wiring of hardware in a new plant. As a co-op I was able to spend two weeks on site. This gave me the chance to see the implementation of my work and how my work affects the real world.

Adam, The Ohio State University

This summer has been a extremely maturing experience in that I was finally able to apply my knowledge in the "real world." I think that I may have learned more in 3 months than I did in my first year of college. After this summer it is easy to see why RoviSys has, and will continue to grow. I loved the atmosphere throughout the company and gained some much needed experience.

Bill, University of Illinois