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Electrical Power Management Systems

Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS)

Energy usage and waste is crucial to the bottom line in nearly every industry.

An Electrical Power Management System (EPMS) makes it possible to reveal layers of information that support business objectives, regulatory requirements, facility certifications, energy-reduction targets, or renewable initiatives.

By connecting a vast array of devices and building in intelligence, the right EPMS enables continuous improvement by gathering real-time data, enabling visualization, and supporting modifications.

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RoviSys Provides

  • Template-based scalable solutions
    • 10 - 10,000+ devices
    • Alarm setpoints, analytic rollup calculations, scale factors
    • Graphical dashboards
  • Turn-key Solution Development
    • Building commissioning
    • Greenfield and Brownfield construction
  • EPMS Retrofits and Migrations
    • Documentation (new or existing)
    • Audits
    • System standardization
  • Existing EPMS Solution Expansion
    • Consulting services
    • Best practice definition
    • Onsite EPMS commissioning
  • Complete project construction scope ownership
  • Full equipment point-to-point data verification documentation
  • Power balancing analysis
  • Integration Experience - Precision Data Instruments/Components
    • GPS Time Synchronization
    • Waveform event capture
    • Sequence of Event Recorders (millisecond timestamping)
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Equipment Efficiency
    • Generator and Regulator Compliance
    • Generator Run Reports

Benefits of EPMS

Utilize EPMS data for business forecasting and decision making

  • Provide end-to-end data transparency throughout the entire power chain - Utility down to individual server

Nature of monitored data

  • Equipment alarming, maintenance awareness and equipment productivity
  • Power Delivery and Quality
  • Power Distribution Utilization, Capacity, and Efficiency
  • Power consumption from end devices

Commissioning Services Support

  • Level 1 (Vendor Factory Witness Test) through Level 5/IST
  • IST Electrical efficiency report results

Simulation for predictive analysis of electrical equipment

  • What-If scenarios
  • Electrical event playback

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