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Municipal Water & Wastewater

Municipal Water & Wastewater

Complex water & wastewater automation challenges demand a seamless flow of information to scalable, reliable and secure systems.

RoviSys provides independent automation and information services designed for all aspects of the municipal water treatment industry including wastewater, potable water, desalinization, collections, distribution, combined sewer overflow and disinfection.

Project Spotlight

Taking Waste Out Of The System

A Master Plan For Elite Automation

The Northeast Ohio Sewer District, the largest wastewater-treatment provider in the State of Ohio, needed a streamlined process-control system to improve efficiency, reduce engineering costs, and simplify training

Water treatment tank with waste water with aeration process.

A Preventative Plan To Maximize Uptime

This renewable energy facility needed help getting their maintenance programs aligned with operations and asset management requirements to ensure maximum uptime. RoviSys enables a massive 86% reduction, and  plant availability was increased by 42%. 

Industry Expertise


  • Proven, collaborative project management
  • Capable of creating solutions for demanding applications
  • Extensive knowledge of modern & legacy control systems
  • Commitment to independent solutions
  • Tailored Solutions for:
    • Pump & Lift Stations
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Domestic Water Distribution
    • Purification & processing stations
    • Asset Management
    • PLC & DCS Process Control Systems
    • SCADA, HMI & Reporting
    • Mobile Alarm Notifications
    • Network Design
    • Network Security



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