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Automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers alike choose RoviSys as their automation integration partner.

RoviSys partners with automotive manufacturers to address challenges in an ever-changing market. Our experience and expertise make us a preferred partner for organizations involved in all facets of automotive operations, for major manufacturers, tiered manufacturers, and suppliers.

Our engineers enable streamlined operations to support the massive shift in electrification of vehicles by consistently increasing efficiency allowing for production increases and a swifter adaptation for future growth. RoviSys delivers diverse project experience and proven, turnkey solutions for building automation and discrete manufacturing automation.

Our capabilities span all aspects of automotive-related manufacturing, including engineering and system integration, from design concepts and specifications to full turnkey building and facility automation systems.

RoviSys partners with automotive manufacturers to address challenges in an ever-changing market. As automotive manufacturers transition from internal combustion to electric motors, our experience and expertise makes RoviSys a preferred partner for multiple tiers of automotive operations. We deliver solutions for IT/OT network infrastructure design that coordinate various manufacturer's robots, to ultra-low-humidity air delivery in battery manufacturing spaces.

Our engineers function in high level design-assist roles with engineering firms who design the latest EV manufacturing facilities, while continuing to work on keeping legacy ICE manufacturing facilities up to date with current technologies and control methodologies.

Our capabilities span all tiers of the ISA S95 model, for auto manufacturers, component manufacturers, utility providers and all necessary utility and device distribution that surround vehicle manufacturing processes.

Success Stories

Rebuilding A Legacy: Uptime, Safety, & Sustainability

Big Three automaker gives systems a 21st century update—but it must do so without disrupting production.

Automaker Turns to RoviSys for Facility Retrofits

This U.S. automaker was paying a steep price for out-of-date HVAC and building control systems in its legacy facilities – and the maintenance contracts that came with them. To control costs and boost operator comfort and safety, a technology refresh was needed.

Industry Expertise

Body & Paint Shop | General Assembly | Final Assembly | Stamping | Battery | Plant & Facilities

Process & Manufacturing Automation

  • Material handling
  • Conveyance
  • Robotics
  • Vision Systems
  • RFID & Ultra wide band
  • PLC/SCADA/Historian
  • OEM Integration & Collaboration
  • On-site Installation, Commissioning, Testing
  • Control panel design & assembly
  • Controls & network retrofit
  • Control/Electrical Panel & Instrumentation Audit/IOQ

Facility & Critical HVAC Automation

  • Process HVAC Control and Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)
  • Energy & Utility Monitoring (EPMS)
  • Environmental & Building/HVAC Control & Monitoring
  • Smart Building/Plant Infrastructure 
  • WAGES - Water, Air, Gas, Electric, Steam
  • Access control & security

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

  • Data collection
  • Reporting
  • OEE - Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Downtime tracking
  • Product Genealogy & traceability
  • DevOps
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Laboratory Information Systems


  • FEED Studies
  • Roadmapping
  • Technology selection
  • Project requirement definition
  • Operational strategy

Industrial Network Solutions

  • OT Network Infrastructure
  • Cyber security and cyber resiliency
  • Servers & Virtualization
  • Architecture & Network drawings
  • OT/IT Integration

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