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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Industry leaders in Consumer Goods markets partner with RoviSys for proven automation and information solutions that ensure accountability, efficiency, and accuracy.

We design and commission automation and information solutions for customers in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, including Food & Beverage, Home Care, Beauty & Personal Care, Packaging, and Agriculture. Our experts understand consumer demands, regulatory pressures, and the unique challenges of production facilities. Our solutions provide visibility, enable resiliency, and increase efficiency. Our customers gain precise, dynamic control over process and building management systems, and are empowered to realize operational objectives and corporate initiatives.

Project Spotlight

Beer Bottles On The Conveyor Belt

Food & Beverage Manufacturer Goes Digital on Quality

To comply with food safety standards, this international food & beverage manufacturer needed to ditch the paper logs and develop a real-time digital tracking system.

Embracing A Plant-Based Future

A global food & beverage conglomerate needed additional production capacity at a Northeast Ohio facility. Navigating project complexities required a trusted integration partner with industry-specific expertise in building automation.

Mass Production Of green and yellow Plastic Lids And Containers

Packaging Data Consistency

Complete, accurate, and on-time data reports enabled this manufacturer to intelligently adjust production and OEE targets and helped increase uptime by nearly 30% in some plants.

Brewery Interior

Brewing Up A Data Storm

The company quickly identified inconsistencies and detected power and water usage irregularities that were affecting productivity, efficiency, and cost.

The machine for washing glass bottles.

Industry Expertise

Food & Beverage | Home Care | Personal Care | Packaging | Agriculture


  • MES Design & Implementation
  • Data Visualization, Dashboarding, & Reporting
  • Plant Floor Visibility to Business Systems
  • Performance & Quality Management
  • Product Tracking & Genealogy
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Digital Transformation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IIoT Strategic Planning
  • Industrial Network Services
  • Cyber Security & Resilience
  • WAGES Tracking & Visualization
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Obsolescence Migration
  • SCADA Design & Implementation
  • Batch Processing Automation
  • Barcode & RFID Integration
  • Recipe Management
  • PackML & Pack Tag Integration
  • Process & Packaging Analytics
  • Industrial Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Quality & Maintenance
  • Process HVAC Control
  • Process Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)
  • Energy & Utility Monitoring (EPMS)
  • Environmental Control & Monitoring
  • Smart Building/Plant Infrastructure

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