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Manufacturing Execution Systems & Manufacturing Operations Management


Empower your team with accurate, reliable, real-time information, enabling decisions ​ that improve efficiency, quality, and productivity across operations.

We understand that one solution or one platform does not fit all needs.

At RoviSys, we start at the beginning, focusing on your business objectives, then we design a system to meet your needs.

Customer Centric Strategy

At the heart of our process is learning your challenges and goals and then working together to choose the right solutions to match your needs.

  • Identify the business drivers & outcomes specific to your project and your long-term goals
  • Strategize and build a solution to meet your specific current needs, while considering future operational growth
  • Communicate and collaborate with your key stakeholders throughout the project with standardized best practices and internal champions focused on your success

Broad Capability

Our broad platform knowledge and vast network of experienced engineers give us the unique ability to holistically embrace multiple aspects of a project. 

  • Harness our breadth of knowledge across industries and technologies to select the right tools and apply them properly
  • Capitalize on our advisory boards and certifications in multiple technologies to assemble the best solution, regardless of platform
  • Enhance MES with our expert advisors and solutions in Process and Machine Automation, Business & Industrial IT and Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Global Footprint

Our organically grown regional locations, combined with our independence, allow us to drive collaboration and consistent process across diverse regions. 

  • Drive simplified expansion through consistency and collaboration in execution across global regional offices
  • Utilize global subject matter experts and pooled resources, regardless of location for faster results
  • Leverage local resources and strong procedural standards for project uniformity

Digital Manufacturing


  • Workforce Enablement
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Compliance Traceability
  • Production Throughput
  • Process Optimization
  • Business System Integration

“Our success is hinged on our clients’ results, not on winning business. The goal is to deliver a solution that fills your needs, and empowers you to effectively use and maintain it."

- John Vargo, MES Director

Strategic MES Partners

We partner closely with these organizations to be at the forefront of new functionality, to represent the voice of the customer for emerging technologies, and to present strong solution alignment to our customers.

No matter where you are in your journey, RoviSys has the skills & resources to digitalize your operations.

From broad assessments to implementation and testing, our team is focused on the right solution to meet your need.

Workflow transparency, flexibility, and insight.


Our experience allows us to connect systems in complex environments and deliver real-time visibility into information that drives business value.

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Data is the true foundation for any Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and systematically collecting it gives today’s manufacturers power.

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The right solution improves agility and flexibility, creates an environment that delivers real-time feedback, and supports smart manufacturing initiatives

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The Production Tracking component of MES automates information about where and how products are made and eliminates paper log sheets.

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RoviSys provides real solutions that drive improvement and consistency of production quality.

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Ensure machines and equipment assets are performing optimally through targeted, consistent, and efficient maintenance, while leveraging advanced technology to avoid unexpected situations that impact production and quality.

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Performance analysis solutions take the crucial step of using collected data to provide actionable information to all levels of manufacturing operations.

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Operational Readiness

Preparing sites to successfully implement, operate, maintain & manage new systems. Ensure projects success by avoiding pitfalls and increase new system awareness.

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