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Service & Support

Committed to providing proven, professional service & support for Automation Systems that enables and ensures seamless operations.

At RoviSys, we understand the critical role automation plays in modern industries. Explore how our expertise can elevate your business to new heights. 

Comprehensive Automation Service & Support

RoviSys provides engineering expertise throughout all project stages, and continues to offer support, service, and guidance even after completion.

We offer comprehensive support services to clients spanning various industries, serving as a true collaborator for each customer and dedicated to ensuring their success.

In a time where on-site resources are increasingly scarce, having a committed partner who prioritizes your business and delivers dependable service and support is more crucial than ever.


  • Ticket Support/ Emergency response
  • Access to Specialized Engineering Knowledge
  • Health Checks and Maintenance
  • Minimizing downtime
  • System upgrades and enhancements
  • Supplement owners' operations teams
  • Operator Training
  • Staff Development
  • Partner style relationship
  • Long term solutions


Controls and Automation System Service & Support


Health Checks

Periodic system health check including backup, alarm log review, security audit, historian checkups, server performance check and operator check-in.



Remote Access


Our support engineers securely connect to your systems remotely. This enables quick troubleshooting and offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability.


On Site 


Where remote access support is not possible, our engineers bring industry knowledge and experience directly to your location. Offering in-depth troubleshooting, issue resolution, and proactive maintenance to ensure uptime of your intricate control systems.




Maintenance Report

Following health checks and on-site visits, operational maintenance reports are provided to keep you informed about the performance and health of your systems.



Performance Studies

Evaluate the efficiency, stability, responsiveness, and accuracy of your control systems in regulating and maintaining desired operating conditions or setpoints within a dynamic system.


Code Audit

Best Practices

RoviSys conducts audits to review your system's programming code for adherence to best practices, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and maintainability.


Alarm Audit

We offer alarm compliance auditing of your systems, ensuring standard compliance. Experts examine alarm logs to assess their performance, identify patterns or issues, and ensure they are responding appropriately to critical events.


Historian Audit

Perform a regular audit of your system’s history to verify data logging, storage, and retrieval processes comply with Customer’s standards.


Component Management


RoviSys provides tracking and management of inventory of system components such as sensors, controllers, actuators, and other devices.


Supply Chain


We help manage your supply chain by managing relationships with suppliers, procuring replacement components, and managing manufacturers’ warranties.


Operator Training &

Control Room Support

Training and support for new and seasoned operators that's customized based on customer needs. Typical trainings include controls systems and drawings overview, SCADA navigation, alert and trend configuration, code libraries walk-through, & facility and device overview.


Soft Landings


The RoviSys 'Soft Landings' program provides assistance for launching the operation of new facilities with a combination of training and facility management until systems reach stable operations.


Varying levels of service & support, tailored to customer-specific needs.

Our customers are continually faced with ever increasing demands while systems grow more complex. We offer various levels of service and support to help bridge these gaps and resolve complex issues.

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