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Federal Solutions

Federal Solutions

Leverage technology and gain strategic advantage. RoviSys Federal Solutions delivers proven technical solutions that maximize tax dollars and keep U.S. citizens safe and the economy thriving.

RoviSys Federal Solutions delivers proven solutions compliant with rigorous government standards and classification levels, with financial flexibility that enables agencies to save time and money while meeting project requirements and exceeding performance benchmarks.

RFS connects federal agencies with automation and security solutions that enables smart infrastructure, addresses evolving threats, and facilitates improved sustainability, agility, efficiency and resilience, all while managing costs.

Core Competencies


  • Data protection management
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Restoration of affected systems
  • Digital forensics
  • Incident response
  • Malicious code review
  • Operations management
  • Vulnerability & risk assessment

Building Management Systems

  • Boiler, Chiller, and Cooling Tower Staging
  • Chilled Water Distribution
  • Environmental Room Control
  • Air Handler Control
  • SCADA and Remote Notifications
  • Power Quality and Energy Monitoring
  • Networking
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Platform & Vendor Independent
Water treatment tank with waste water with aeration process.

Water & Wastewater

  • Pump and Lift Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Domestic Water Distribution
  • Purification & Processing Stations
  • Asset Management
  • PLC and DCS Process Control Systems
  • SCADA, HMI & Reporting
  • Mobile Alarm Notifications
  • Network Design
  • Network Security
Computer screens with graphs and charts.

Power & Energy

  • Traditional boiler controls
  • Simple-cycle systems
  • Combined heat and power applications
  • Power system automation
  • Load management
  • Electrical power monitoring systems
  • Water-air-gas-electrical-steam (WAGES)
  • Data and historian system integration
  • Communication interfaces
  • Virtualized systems
  • Cyber security applications
  • Smart grid application services

Industry Expertise


  • Control & Automation Systems
    • Control system architecture and technology selection
    • Specification of instrumentation and final control elements
    • Communication and network design
    • Electrical and panel design
    • BIM modeling
    • System functional specification
    • System configuration (DCS, PLC, DDC)
    • Documented testing
    • Panel and instrument procurement
    • Turnkey I&C installation
    • Field commissioning and loop checks
    • 3rd party commissioning agent support
    • Training
  • Enterprise SCADA & Single Pane of Glass Solutions
    • Integration of dissimilar control systems
    • Central control room design
    • Supervisory control, KPI dashboards and reporting
    • Centralized alarming and notifications
  • Energy Management Solutions
    • Historical data aggregation & dashboarding
    • Power quality & branch circuit monitoring
    • Demand response & load shedding
    • Fault detection & diagnostics
  • WAGES Tracking & Visualization
  • Obsolescence Migration
  • SCADA Design & Implementation
  • Industrial Network Services
    • Mapping and asset inventory
    • Comprehensive network security assessment
    • Configuration detection
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration/security testing
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Performance testing
    • Design and configuration of firewalls
    • Design and implementation of DMZs
    • Industrial network security
    • Standards compliance
  • Digital Transformation
    • Consult + Review
    • Workflow Design
    • Project Planning
    • System Implementation
    • Go Live Deployment
    • Documentation
    • Training
    • System Support
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)
  • Energy & Utility Monitoring (EPMS)
  • Environmental Control & Monitoring
  • Smart Building/Plant Infrastructure
  • Industrial Artificial Intelligence

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