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Semiconductor manufacturers are at the forefront of technological advancement, empowering the digital age with cutting-edge products and solutions. RoviSys partners with leaders in the industry and is committed to driving innovation and progress while keeping up with ever-evolving market demands.

RoviSys offers automation and information services for managing and optimizing the production process, including the installation of field devices, plant floor control systems, MES integration, and enterprise-level integration and data analytics. Our experts will lead the way throughout the entire cycle including the system design, development, installation, commissioning, and post-project support, helping our clients achieve their production goals and stay ahead of the curve in this competitive industry.

Success Stories

Trailblazing the Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing

In response to ever-increasing global demand, a leading global semiconductor manufacturer significantly expanded production capacity in Southeast Asia. RoviSys integrated the Facility Management Control System (FMCS) and played a key role getting the new fab plant up and running in record time.

Fueling The Semiconductor Industry With Real-Time Intelligence

This U.S. based manufacturer of chemical-mechanical products and equipment that is critical to the production of semiconductors relied on manual raw material data and Excel spreadsheets to track production and batch data. To meet demand, it needed to automate data collection across its operations and provide real-time material tracking and management capabilities.

Industry Expertise

Continuous & Discrete Automation

  • Design & Implementation Services
  • OEM Skid integration
  • Greenfield Operations Expansions
  • Track & Trace
  • Brownfield Legacy system migrations
  • Integration of PLC, DCS, DDC & SCADA Control Systems
  • ISA-101 High-Performance Human Machine Interfaces
  • ISA-88 Batch Process Controls Design & Configuration

Building & Facility Automation

  • Facility Monitoring & Control Systems (FMCS)
  • Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS)
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Chemical & Gas Delivery Systems
  • Utility Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Process Fault Detection & Diagnostics


  • FEED Studies
  • System Architecture & Roadmap Design
  • Industrial IT/OT Network Design & Configurations
  • Technology Selection
  • Industrial IT/OT Network Design & Configurations
  • Hardware & Field Device Selection
  • Project Requirement Definition
  • Operational Strategy

Design & Engineering

  • Industrial Network Solutions
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Servers & Virtualization w/Fault Tolerance & High Availability
  • System Architecture Design
  • Control Panel Design & Fabrication

Project Management

  • Schedule & Labor Forecasting
  • Team & Vendor Management
  • Financial Tracking & Forecasting
  • Change Order Management
  • Document Control
  • Project QA/QC

Subcontractor Management

  • Mechanical & Electrical Firm Prequalification
  • Project Team Integration
  • Design & Submittal Reviews
  • Mobilization & On-Site Project Management
  • Installation QA/QC


  • Test Protocol Generation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • 3rd Party Commissioning Support
  • Fully Documented Turn-Over Package

Service & Support

  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance
  • Lifecycle Support
  • Firmware & Software Upgrades
  • Alarm Monitoring & Notification Services
  • Performance & Alarm Analytics
  • Instrument Calibration & Configuration

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