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Success Stories

Mass Production Of green and yellow Plastic Lids And Containers

Packaging Data Consistency

RoviSys was able to focus on using the out of the box functionality of the PI System. New reports enabled operators to intelligently adjust production and OEE targets and helped increase uptime by nearly 30%.

Aerial View Oil Refinery

A Digital Transformation For The Oil & Gas Industry

For the first time, the oil refiner has access to real-time inventory that is traceable and auditable all the way through the process.

Brewery Interior

Brewing Up A Data Storm

The company quickly identified inconsistencies among its breweries and detected previously unnoticed power and water usage irregularities that were affecting both productivity, efficiency, and cost at each site. Each 1% improvement resulted in millions of gallons of process water savings.

Beer Bottles On The Conveyor Belt

Food & Beverage Manufacturer Goes Digital on Quality

Substantial expertise in process automation allowed RoviSys to suggest changes to the company’s business processes and control systems instrumentation that simplified process and tracking complications and directly met their needs.

Tracking Quality, Efficiency & Waste In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The company resolved it's fundamental issues, and is now able to fully track quality, quickly identify defects, and to pinpoint defect causes in the robust, real-time manner the industry demands.

Powergrid system zoom in

Powering The Future

St. Joesph's generates their own power now, improving reliability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 11,676 tons/year, and reducing the annual utility budget. Approximately $1 million reduction in its first full year of operation.

Microgrid Controls End Campus Blackouts - Union College

Switching to this tightly controlled and monitored microgrid system, Union college was able to end frequent blackouts and provide students, faculty, and essential research facilities the stable power source they required.

Preserving Power on Campus - University of Michigan

When UofM operations teams became aware that the central power plant and sub-stations weren’t equipped to handle harsh weather events or utility outages adequately, an upgrade was needed.

Water treatment tank with waste water with aeration process.

A Preventative Plan to Maximize Instrument Uptime

Unplanned repairs dropped from 337 to just 46 per year—a massive 86% reduction. In the process, plant availability was increased by 42%. Management has gained annual budgeting and forecasting insights based on asset maintenance estimates and plans to expand the program to other areas of their treatment facilities based on this success.

Electrician in the yellow hat examining a power microgrid system

NERC-CIP Assessment: Powering Up Cybersecurity​

With a unique set of capabilities and expertise in the utilities industry plus a deep understanding of process controls, information technology and management, and cybersecurity, RoviSys was the clear choice to take on this project.

Optical control quality of vials, pharma factory.

Sounding The Alarm

RoviSys was able to address both challenges with unique assets that other integrators couldn’t match: a pre-existing relationship with the manufacturer and extensive experience with the Rockwell Automation systems used to run existing operations.

Mixing Fast Implementation with Long-Term Growth

Facing furnace failure and an obsolete control system, this float glass manufacturer required a full system modernization in record time to meet its aggressive production goals.

Hardy Industrial Technologies

When Magnus International Group purchased a shuttered specialty chemicals plant in 2007, the Cleveland-based startup saw it as an entry point into the oleochemicals market with the initial goal of converting natural fats and oils into industrial products.

Data Center Goes Green

This South Carolina data center is growing fast. Boosted by a strong reputation for reliability, efficiency, and low costs, the company has maxed out their space in eight buildings with water-cooled servers. 

Upgrading Without Downtime in an Operational Datacenter

An outdated temperature control system risks raising the temperature for servers in this colocation data center. The challenge now is to upgrade the outdated automation system without raising them even further.

Taking Control of Drug Validation

An outdated control system was preventing this pharmaceutical manufacturer from bringing critical new drugs into production. To serve its market and its patients, the company needed to rebuild from the ground up.

Updating Efficiency at Sea

With a propulsion system dating back to the 1940s, this commercial vessel was in dire need of a major upgrade to extend its life and reduce its emissions.