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Performance Analysis

Turn Data Into Action

Successful manufacturing is built on digital data. Performance analysis solutions take the crucial step of using collected data to provide actionable information to all levels of manufacturing operations.

Executives, supervisors, and operators leverage performance analysis solutions to quickly identify inconsistencies, prioritize improvement initiatives, decisively adjust processes, and unlock hidden capacity.

Whether on-premise or cloud-based, we provide the technology edge that drives increased margins, identifies scrap and re-work, and supports sustainable operations.

Integrated Solutions

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Realtime Information and Intuitive Process Visualization

  • Business specific process metrics and KPIs
  • Process to quality correlations/visualizations
  • Exception Based Reporting
  • Mobile updates
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Performance Improvement Analysis

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with drill-down:
    • Availability - downtime and root cause
    • Performance - actual vs. theoretical throughput
    • Quality - scrap and rework
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Bottleneck ID
  • Process Analytics
    • Cycle-time analysis
    • Yield optimization
  • Correlation of process metrics to financial metrics
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Extended Performance Support

  • Management of product variation and scale
  • Cloud Services Integration
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Inoculation of similar lines for previous issue


  • Identify productivity trends and priorities
  • Measurable Results to justify efforts
  • Boost manufacturing performance
  • Support cost and profit analysis
  • Provide accurate input for continuous improvement objectives
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