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Production Management

Leverage Every Resource

Successful manufacturers create production environments that support informed decision-making in order to drive continuous process and quality improvement, while leveraging resources to full capacity.

They enforce standard processes that coordinate, direct, manage and track any function that uses raw materials, energy, equipment, personnel, or information. And they continuously monitor and evaluate production plans to meet defined objectives.

The right solution improves agility and flexibility, creates an environment that delivers real-time feedback, and supports smart manufacturing initiatives. Our solutions leverage off the shelf MES solutions as well as customized third party schedulers.

Integrated Solutions

Male and Female Industrial Engineers in Hard Hats Discuss New Project while Using Tablet Computer.

Production Modeling

  • What-if analysis
  • Normalize production lines
  • Digital Twin
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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Facility/Line optimization
  • Demand factors
  • Profit optimization

Production Order Management

  • Detailed scheduling
  • Manage interfaces with ERP and other business systems
  • Schedule optimization with real time production feedback
Intelligence machine at industrial manufacture factory

Production Workflow

  • Guide complex manual operations
    • Weigh and dispense operations
    • Batch sequencing
    • Sample Test guidelines
    • Equipment preparation tasks
    • CIP (Clean in Place) operations
  • Production Changeover
  • Maintenance events
Chemical factory with the row of domes.

Resource and Equipment Management

  • Permits – equipment status validation (clean, calibrated)
  • Equipment compatibility and routing
  • Personnel qualification verification


  • Know current capacity
  • Identify unused capacity
  • Track hidden capacity loss
  • Enforce workflow
  • Achieve "right the first time"
  • Apply best fit equipment & resources to demand
  • Plan downtime
  • Reduce reliance on tribal knowledge
  • Improve SOP compliance

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