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Production Tracking

Visibility At Every Step of Production

Capturing and recording transactions within production processes has become critical as manufacturers face increasing economic and regulatory challenges.

The Production tracking component of MES automates information about where and how products are made and eliminates paper log sheets. This often involves connecting isolated, disparate systems in order to present a complete picture of the operation from raw materials through WIP to inventory.

The right tools make it simple to monitor orders, gather real-time and historical material information, document quality, enforce accountability, and facilitate analysis. Avoid potential problems and have current information in case of production emergencies or product recalls.

Industrial Engineer in Hard Hat Wearing Safety Jacket Uses Touchscreen Tablet Computer. He Works at the Heavy Industry Manufacturing Factory.
Intelligence machine at industrial manufacture factory

Integrated Solutions

  • Track and Trace / Genealogy
  • Serialization
  • Order to finished goods traceability/visualization on plant floor
  • Genealogy visualization – backwards and forwards
  • Equipment/Operator traceability
  • Operator actions and audit
  • Distribution and custody confirmation
  • Electronic Batch Records


  • Reduce exposure of recalls and audits
  • Diagnose quality issues
    • Root Cause
    • Equipment
    • Supplier management
    • Raw materials sourcing
    • Operator Training
  • Enforce Accountability
  • Inventory Visibility
    • Expiration dates
    • Loss of inventory
    • WIP
    • Availability
  • Enable Continuous Improvement
  • Support Lean Manufacturing
The filling machine pours beer into plastic PET bottles.

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