The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) recently published the "Security Considerations for Remote Access" guide, an informative guide developed as a collaborative effort between End Users, OEMs, System Integrators and Vendors.


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RoviSys, a leader in Industrial Network Solutions, was invited to participate in the ongoing global workgroup, led by OMAC and facilitated by ei3, to share knowledge and experience, and help define best practices for remote access.


Security Considerations for Remote Access

Recent ransomware attacks have put the spotlight on potential security vulnerabilities of some industrial Remote Access solutions. Around the world, users are scrambling to understand and mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Protecting automation endpoints from attacks that take advantage of remote connectivity is a vital concern for businesses that requires input and close collaboration from their Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT), and security professionals.

With this in mind, the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) convened its second “Remote Access Workgroup,” to present practical, field-tested methods for reducing cybersecurity-related risk.


Practical Guide For Remote Access To Plant Equipment

Remote Access through the internet is a powerful way to solve many problems that occur with plant floor equipment. If the Remote Access solution is not done right, it might introduce problems, operational difficulties, and even cybersecurity vulnerabilities to the plant floor.

With this in mind, OMAC convened a “Remote Access Workgroup” of major manufacturing companies, OEMs, system integrators, and automation vendors to create an initial guide that was published in 2021. Facilitated by ei3 Corporation and sponsored by OMAC, this guide for network-based Remote Access and data collection methods for industrial applications is based on comprehensive research of existing technologies, deployed solutions, and emerging requirements in terms of security and privacy.