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A powerful OPC bridge

Bridging Software

BridgeMaster OPC bridging software enables a range of easy-to-achieve new possibilities that increase your productive capabilities and save you time and money.

With BridgeMaster, you get an OPC bridge between OPC servers that is flexible, reliable and works when other OPC interface software doesn't. You get maximum OPC connectivity: real-time bi-directional data flow and supervisory control between two or more unlike control systems.

You can easily install, setup and use BridgeMaster yourself. If your systems and their OPC servers are already on a common network, install BridgeMaster on a Windows PC and begin configuring.

Easy as A,B,C.

     A) Add a connector which defines the two OPC servers to bridge together.

     B) Add groups under the connector which define data direction flow and rate.

     C) Add tag maps under the groups which connects the OPC server tags together.

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OPC bridging software that's flexible & reliable.

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