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EDNA to PI Accelerator

EDNA to PI Accelerator

RoviSys EDNA to PI Accelerator is a cost-effective, accurate, streamlined data migration solution for converting existing calculation configuration information from EDNA and migrating it to AVEVA/OSISoft.

The era of eDNA is gone. The RoviSys EDNA to PI Accelerator solution is a streamlined, cost-effective approach to data migration from EDNA to AVEVA/OSISoft.

This solution replaces the tedious, inaccurate, and costly process of manual conversion. 

Solution Benefits

  • Template-based approach drives standardization of calculations
  • Programmatically parse calculations from input
  • Auto-generate lists of required tags and compare against PI System
  • Recreate calculations in native AF Analysis syntax
  • 75% cost reduction over manual conversion
  • Built-in quality assurance


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