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ABB Bailey OPC Server

OPC90 Server for ABB Bailey INFI 90™ and Network 90: The easy to use, works like it should, Bailey™ interface

Data Exchange

OPC90 Server enables data exchange between all compatible OPC clients and ABB Bailey™ Symphony Plus, NET90, INFI90™, INFI90™ Open and Harmony systems.

Created by Bailey™ legacy systems engineers and proven in use, OPC90 gives you outstanding benefits

  • OPC90 Supports IET800
  • OPC90 is easy to install, configure and use
  • Features are consistent with ABB Bailey™ systems
  • Delivers the full range of PID control
  • Enables you to monitor the performance of PCU nodes with OPC90's unique PCUMON block
  • It works. We support it. We guarantee it.

OPC90 Server supports all exception report blocks, supervisory control of blocks, system status monitoring including problem report collection and general block output polling along with general purpose block configuration reading and tuning.


OPC90 for ABB Bailey™ saves you money

  • You don't need and don't have to buy Bailey™ SemAPI
  • Exclusive MUXCIU block enables sharing Bailey™ CIUs with Composer, DBDOC and other programs
  • Multiple license levels that fit need and budget



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