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Digital Transformation

Begin your digital transformation journey from wherever you are.

A lack of industry standards and defined success make it difficult for Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) leaders to know whether they are on the right track or when they’ve ‘arrived’ at digital transformation.  RoviSys collaborates with stakeholders, operations and information technology leaders, and plant floor personnel toward a shared, defined vision that’s enabled by smart technology, integrated devices, and wireless access to operations.


  • Aligning stakeholders strategic long- and short-term objectives 
  • Conducting comprehensive reviews of current technology solutions
  • Exploration of available and appropriate new solutions
  • Developing a detailed roadmap
  • Planning a phased approach – quick wins & rapid scalability
Digital transformation

RoviSys takes a holistic, vendor-independent approach to your manufacturing system infrastructure. Our experts have years of IT/OT convergence experience and practical business experience integrating business objectives, existing technologies, and new solutions. Our goal is to deliver reliable solutions with measurable ROI.


Process Automation
Building Automation
Consulting With Purpose
Manufacturing Execution Systems

Success Stories

Tracking Quality, Efficiency & Waste In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The company resolved it's fundamental issues, and is now able to fully track quality, quickly identify defects, and to pinpoint defect causes in the robust, real-time manner the industry demands.

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